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Acting Classes with Christopher Emerson


"Truth in Acting" with Christopher Emerson


ALL classes are FREE and only donations are requested to help cover space rental. So, check out the class immediately!

Email me at to reserve your spot.

Classes are Sundays from 12pm - 3pm!

Space is limited so please email to confirm!


"Truth in Acting with Christopher Emerson" is a real-world savvy, intimate approach to the truth and power of film, television and stage acting for all acting skill levels. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginning first-timer, I will coach you in a fun, spirited, and inspiring environment to the next level.

Covering the creative techniques of the actor, emotional truth of scene work, as well as tips & tricks to bring the writer's text to life with your scene partner and in front of an audience.

An exhilarating & honest approach to perfecting both your acting craft and gaining the industry know-how to become a highly skilled and intelligent actor.

My knowledge and insights stem from over 15 years of working in Hollywood on film, television, theatre, motion capture performance, and voiceover recording work.

I'm an established actor, executive producer, writer, director, and also a voice recording artist for commercial brands, animation, and video game characters.

You will master your scene study & performance skills, cold reading abilities, monologue work, camera performance techniques, understanding the importance of story structure, emotional truth, and comedic timing.

Whether performing on a film set, commanding a stage performance, perfecting your public speaking, or desire to captivate a room with your acting skills... you will gain valuable insights and, ultimately, the advantage to suceed!

In this class, there is a specific focus on breaking down scenes, your emotional accessibility and preparation, working with scene partners, cold reading techniques, and so much more... all in a very intense, exhilarating, FUN, and practical way!

Be prepared to work, be prepared to have fun, and be prepared to be challenged! :)

Class is every Sunday @ 12p - 3p

Email right now to reserve your spot for the next class:

Choose amazing 2-person or 3-person scenes to perform from this LINK and print out THREE copies:


Make sure to print out THREE (3) copies for your scene partner in class and for me as well!

Outside of class, one-on-one coaching is also avaiable for private training and study.

Dare to fail, often and without trepidation.